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Welcome in Volkenroda!

We are always happy to welcome friends from all around the world. A wide range of different nationalities and languages are present in our monastery. This means that you are likely to communicate with a staff-member in your own language! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need any further details.

Our homepage is kept lean, so that we can spent our time with living with people instead of sitting in front of a computer. The few pages here give you a hint to frequently asked questions.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact us.


Speakers of the following languages living and working with us:

English, French and Russian.


You are always welcome to join our regular program.

We are also very happy to organize a unique program for you and your group. Please contact us for further information.

The monastery

Volkenroda monastery is situated right in the middle of Germany. It has a very rich history, which begins with the consecration of the church in 1150. Originally, it was an abbey, founded by Cistercian monks. They belonged to the Cistercian Order, a religious order influenced by Bernard de Clairvaux (12th century). Their everyday life can be summarized by the Latin phrase ora et labora, which refers to the Christian monastic practice of praying an working. The Cistercian monks prayed (ora) seven times a day (Vigil, Laudes, Terz, Sext, Non, Vesper und Komplet) and (et) worked manually (labora). They raised crops, planted orchards and dug fish ponds in order to be self-sufficient.

Nowadays, Cistercian monks are no longer to be found in Volkenroda. And there are no abbots anymore. This is why Volkenroda is no longer an abbey, but a monastery. It went through troubled times of destruction and pillage, among other during the German Peasants´ War in 1525. The monastery was rediscovered after the Wend. Thanks to a few people who fought for its reconstruction and revival, it literally raised to life again. Members of the “Jesus-Bruderschaft” came in 1995 and found a new home in the Volkenroda monastery. They re-organized the everyday life according the Cistercian principle of ora et labora and bought life back into the monastery. The Jesus-Bruderschaft still shapes the daily life of Volkenroda monastery today, trough prayers – three times a day, through community life and through work.

The monastery of Volkenroda is considered to be a jewel in the heart of Germany. The old historic buildings are beautifully restored in a modern and yet conserving way. On top of that, the site is stylishly replenished with the modern “Christus-Pavillon”. This is a huge church made of glass, steel and wood. It was one of the most visited exhibits at the Expo 2000, the World Exhibition which took place in Hanover in 2000. The Christus-Pavillon is a common project of the Catholic and of the Protestant Churches of Germany. After the Expo ended, it found a new home in Volkenroda. The modern Christus Pavillon contrasts sharply with the old Cistercian church. This combination of old and new, modern and past, traditions and renewal, stones and steel, make Volkenroda a unique place to be.

The community

The „Jesus-Bruderschaft“ is a community of single men, single women and families. They want to follow Jesus in their daily life, among other through community, prayer, Bible-reading and a daily celebration of the Lord´s Supper. They follow the Cistercian saying die Tür steht offen – das Herz noch mehr (“the door is open – the heart even more”) and have it at heart to be open-hearted and welcoming to visitors and guests. The daily live is rhythmed by three prayer-times, community and mutual work within the monastery, in addition to their regular jobs outside of Volkenroda.

The community finds its roots in the Protestant-Lutheran Tradition. It celebrates ecumenical Christianity. It encourages international encounters and meetings, and it enjoys talking about faith with everyone who is open and eager to ask questions.

There are currently 13 grown-up members of the Jesus-Bruderschaft living in the village and former Cistercian abbey of Volkenroda. Other members are living in Gnadenthal (near Frankfurt), Hennersdorf (Saxonia), Makak (Kamerun) and Latrun (Israel).

Accommodation details

Three beautiful buildings (called respectively Langer Gang, Amtshof and Konventgebäude) offer various single, twins bedrooms as well as shared rooms in a unique combination of modern architecture in old stylish premises, with either individual bathrooms or shared bathrooms.

If you are looking for a more pilgrim-like atmosphere, we have two kinds of accommodation. Our so-called “Hay Hotels” are former wooden site caravans with sleeping places in hay boxes. Or maybe you prefer to sleep in our pilgrims facilities. The rooms dedicated to pilgrims have bunk beds, no heating but modern bathrooms just across the courtyard.

Let´s talk big. Camps with 250 up to 2.500 people can take place in Volkenroda, using the sites and meadows next to our monastery.

Please contact us for further details:
Samuel Grauer (English, German), Anne-Sophie Dessouroux (French, English, Dutch, German)
phone: +49 36025.559-0



Seminar rooms

Tagungsraum CP

Christus-Pavillon (between May and October)

  • regular seating arrangement: 200 chairs
  • up to 300 seats without tables
  • up to 1.000 seats for Youth Events

„Chapter House“ in our convent building – approx. 95 m²

  • up to 40 seats with tables
  • up to 90 seats with theatre-style seating
  • audio-visual equipment, dimming
  • WLAN

„Old Forester’s House“ – approx. 2x 30 m²

  • each up to 16 seats with tables
  • each up to 20 seats with theatre-style seating
  • audio-visual equipment

„Long Corridor 1“ – approx. 120 m²

  • as a seminar room with tables for about 30 people, without for about 80
  • for parties with tables for about 80 people
  • audio-visual equipment, dimming
  • WLAN

„Long Corridor 2“ – approx. 120 m²

  • crafts and seminar room suited with tables for about 30 people, without for 80
  • WLAN

„Barn Hall“ – approx. 100 m²

  • up to 60 seats with tables
  • up to 80 seats with theatre-style seating
  • audio-visual equipment

„Dormitorium“ – approx. 30 m²

  • up to 16 seats with tables
  • up to 20 seats with theatre-style seating
  • audio-visual equipment

Event room „Stove Lounge“ – approx. 30 m²

  • up to 20 seats with tables
  • room with a rustic atmosphere and an old tile stove and former feeding troughs

Conference equipment

The following conference equipment may be provided upon request:

  • overhead projector
  • pin boards
  • flip chart (including paper and markers)
  • conference stationery
  • LCD projector and screen
  • speaker’s desk
  • microphones
  • recording equipment
  • Television and video-player
  • ghetto blaster


Please contact us for further details:

Samuel Grauer (English, German)
phone: +49 36025.559-0

Price list 2018

Accommodation Price per person and day incl. full board
Single Room with bath89,00 €
Twin Room with bath74,00 €
Single Room with common bath71,00 €
Twin Room with common bath61,00 €
Multi-Bed Room Youth up to 26 year°35,00 €
Pilgrims Hostel Youth up to 26 year°25,00 €
own tent Youth up to 26 year°32,00 €

° without bed linen!

Price per day and person
breakfast5,00 €7,00 €
lunch9,00 €12,00 €
coffee / tea / cake4,00 €4,50 €
coffee / tea2,00 €2,50 €
dinner6,00 €8,00 €
conference package°8,50 €10,00 €
all-in-one offer°:26,50 €35,00 €

°includes all drinks and a tea time during the conference

Rooms°first dayfurther days
Refectory400,00 €100,00 €
Refectory, split room250,00 €75,00 €
Chapter house250,00 €75,00 €
Room Long Corridor150,00 €50,00 €
Rooms Waldsassen or Loccum150,00 €25,00 €
Old Forester’s House or Barn Hall100,00 €25,00 €
Dormitorium75,00 €20,00 €
Stove Lounge50,00 €10,00 €
self-caterer Kitchen incl. 1 dining room for 30 persons300,00 €75,00 €

Conference equipment is included

°church communities and youth groups are granted half price for all rooms. Bookings with workshop offered from our European Institute for Youth Education are free of conference room charges.

course instructor or guide from the monasteryupon arrangement
guided tours (minimum of 10 people)4,50 €
bed linen6,00 €

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer and would be glad to advise you personally.

Please contact us for further details:

Samuel Grauer (English, German)
phone: +49 36025.559-0

International Events

Summer in a monastery

Families and Youth
How long? – From three days up to two week
What? – worship, music, creative workshops, games, hikes & more
When? – various dates upon request

Outreach festival

Who? – Youth (14-24 years)
What? – speak about your faith and celebrate it with other young people, experience God in everyday life, in a street performance with others, be prepared for an outreach at your hometown or school
How? mainly in German with parts in English
When? 04.11.-06.11.2018


Please contact us for further details:

Albrecht Schödl (English, German)
phone: +49 36025.559-78


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